Keto Pizzas

A good option for those who choose keto or low-carb lifestyle

  • The base is gluten-free, but keep in mind that it’s produced in a gluten-rich environment
  • The base is high in protein with appr. 21 grams in a single base.
  • Suitable for those who track macros and aim for high proportion of proteins.
  • Of all our bases, this one has the highest percentage of fiber and is the one with the fewest calories..
  • There are 250 kcal in a single keto base vs. 420 in a single small classic bread-base (no toppings).
  • It’s made of Icelandic cheese, whey protein concentrate and husk fibers.
Ketó bakki
Ketó bakki

Add Keto pizza to your offer.

You can add a keto pizza for 1,890 isk to the following offers: Two for one , Special offer A and B, Group offer and Dinner party.

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